Collection: Bohemian Hand Crocheted Bottle Sling

This is an eco-conscious way to hydrate without creating waste.

These stainless steel bottles offer up to 12 hours hot or cold complimented with a sturdy, handmade on-the-go beverage sleeve. Each sleeve you own makes it easy to carry your drinks and the ability to keep them with you. Throw them in the washer & dryer when needed. They don't shrink. Your whole family can use their own beverage sleeve daily.

- Stretchy to fit ranges from 12 oz. water bottles to 40 oz. hot/cold bottle. 

- Variety of colors to match your mood.

- Easy to hang up and keep handy. 

-Adjust the length of the handle to fit your shoulder to hip distance by tying a knot in the long handle.

- Perfect for hiking trips, office days, game days, everywhere you go, you're hands-free and hydrated!

- Save $ on plastic water bottles!