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Discover the charm of a woman-owned business nestled in Indiana, curating specially crafted, love-infused products to enhance your daily life. Indulge in the allure of individually made items that promise simplicity and functionality. With all products shipped directly from the U.S.A., embrace the unique and elevate your daily routines with our exclusive offerings.

Bohemian Hand Crocheted Bottle Sling

This is an eco-conscious way to hydrate without creating waste. These stainless... 

  • Meal Planning Made Simple

    My Meal Plan will transform your nutritional goals and do away with meal time chaos. Don't settle for high calorie, low nutrition, expensive restaraunt food. Prepare well planned, nutrient dense meals your way DAILY.

    This printed-for-you My Meal Plan sheet makes food budgeting, shopping and prep simple!

    No need to think when you're tired and hungry. Plan in advance and enjoy your kitchen time. Get the kids involved. This is fun to set up and use!

    Vegan? Paleo? MIND? Down Home Hoosier Cooking? Plan up to a month ahead to enjoy your meals.

    Included with each order:

    *Easy tips to make your plan a reality.

    *Erasable ink pen included.

    *Sample menus from Paleo, Vegan, Vegetarian, Down Home Hoosier and MIND cooking styles to inspire you.

  • What's New?

    Meal Planning Made Simple!

    Get your own 1-4 week Meal Plan. Eat more mindfully. Spend smarter on food. Make your plan based on your nutrition goals.

    Meal Plan Offers 
  • Experience the transformative touch of Festive Warrior Enterprises.

    We are dedicated to enhancing your life with simplicity and efficiency. Our mission is to provide products seamlessly integrated into the fast-paced rhythm of your busy life, all while prioritizing your well-being. Embrace the harmony of functionality and ease as you navigate through life's demands with F.W.E.

  • Upcoming:

    Check back as school colors are being added to Simple Hydration Collection.

    We're really excited about offering you Good Words From F.W.E.!

    INSPIRING, Quality Printed Words sent right to you.

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